The most frequently asked question we hear on the phone is, “How much does it cost?” While that seems like a simple, straightforward question, it is nearly impossible to answer on the first phone call. A multitude of variables can cause two seemingly identical pieces of furniture to have vastly different reupholstery costs. Some of those variable factors are:

  • Price of fabric: We have fabrics ranging in price from  approximately $30 per yard to $230 per yard.
  • Condition of furniture: Some pieces of furniture are in quite good condition prior to reupholstery while others may require new foam, new springs, new webbing, regluing of the frame, refinishing of show wood, etc.
  • Complexity: Features such as diamond tufting can add considerably to the price of  reupholstery.

The chart below can help give you an idea of how much fabric will be required for your furniture.

If you have the ability to photograph your item with a digital camera or cell phone, we strongly encourage you to take several pictures from different angles and email them to The Recovery Room: While it is not entirely possible to give a 100% accurate estimate prior to actually seeing the item, photos can be very helpful in determining a relatively close price.

We can make a house call to see your furniture and give a firm price on reupholstery. However, since a firm price includes fabric, we advise you to first come to our showroom, browse our fabric selection and make a decision regarding the fabric to be used for your furniture.

Yardage Chart